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We currently provide early childhood development and primary education to 260 children. we envision to scale our reach to 1000 children by 2025. Our  school is situated on a 2.5 acre property on the beautiful Mwiri hill in Jinja, Eastern Uganda

We use the Ugandan national curriculum integrated with innovative teaching methodologies and emphasis on thematic areas of; life skills, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Science. (LETS). 

The school is able to run through financial contribution from financially capable parents and donation from friends and partners. However we still have many orphan and vulnerable children in and  others still out of school, this is why we invite you to join our monthly sponsors to give $20 which caters for a child's education and welfare. 


This program focuses on empowering young people in our community through vocational skills training and mentorship. 

Many of our youth are at-risk of drug abuse, youth unemployment, violence and teenage pregnancy. 

Through Skills mentorship we bridge the generation gap and increase access to opportunities to nurture responsible, production and healthy young people. 

We achieve this through mentorship sessions, skill training(computer, farming, fashion, business, life skills) and youth camps



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Many children miss out on school and basic needs because their mothers are experiencing poverty and challenges as as single parent. 

Women in our community are financial excluded due to gender inequalities and can not access credit, they lack collateral and majority are illiterate. Based on this background we started the women business and micro-loan project. 

we offer financial literacy, business skills training, support women to form savings groups and provide micro-loans. we strongly believe that when you empower a women, you have empower the whole community. 

Women operate small but profitable businesses such as salons, grocery shops, fashion\cloth\shoes, food items, poultry etc. They usually need between $100 - $250 and it operates as a revolving fund so as to support as many women as possible.  

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